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Vaculift 10TZ Vacuum Lifter Maximize

Vaculift 10TZ Vacuum Lifter

Sheet metal vacuum lifter, chain suspension, 10 tons capacity

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Vacuum lifting & transport units of 100 - 10.000 kgs capacity range

Zinisan Vaculift series vacuum lifters ensure quick and easy material handling. With only one personnel it is possible to lift loads upto 10.000 kgs with maximum safety measures. Powerful Zinisan ZYVP vacuum pump, large vacuum tank and intergrated security systems ensure safe load handling even in case of a power failure.

Customised vacuum lifters

Fragile materials - various sizes - rough surfaces; whatever the job requires, there is a solution at Zinisan. All Vaculift lifting units can be customised upon your requirements: custom sized main and cross beams, special suction pads to safe and damage free handling, field proven Zinisan suspension system for fragile materials, remote control options.

New chain suspension

Large metal sheets are often stowed in piles in order to save space, causing wavy uneven top surfaces. Zinisan's new chain suspension models are designed to eliminate suction pad alignment problems. Self aligning suspension will tolerate even the most curvy lifting surfaces.

Typical Applications

- Sandblasting - Painting Lines for Ship Building Industry

- Plasma Cutting & Bending

- Precision Size Cutters

- Laser Cutting Plants

- Manufacturing & Installing CTP and Sandwich Panels

- Material Feeding to CNC Machining Centers

* While various industries that employ vacuum lifting technology are listed above, they are only a small sample of large range of applications. Please contact us for detailed information for your specific application.

  • Model No : Vaculift 10TZ
  • Max. Load Capacity : 10.000 Kg.
  • Max. Sheet Size : 14 x 3.2 m
  • Min. Sheet Size : 1.5 x 1.2 m
  • Load Position : Horizontal
  • Vacuum System : Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump
  • Pump Capacity : 100 m3/h
  • Operation Voltage : 380V AC
  • Rated Power : 2,2 Kw
  • Number of Suction Pads : 20
  • Suction Pad Size : 450 mm
  • Pad Material : NBR or Silicone
  • Pressure Control System : Digital Vacuum Switch
  • Safety Measures Large Safety Tank With Acoustic Warning System
  • Main Beam Lenght : 9 m
  • Foldable Beam Lenght : 1.5 m
  • Cross Beam Lenght : 2 m

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