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Human Resource, which is being considered as the most important layout of Zinisan Vakum, is  the heart of the Human Resources Policy to achieve the aims of organisation, taking into service of employees to correspond the requeirements of company, to appreciate and motivate of employees and to give opportunity for reaching their carrier targets according to the performance.


Run in the employees who are open to innovations and amedments, dynamic and creative, always aim at enhancing themselves and their responsibilities, also work candidly for the interest of  company and having human resource which is able to carry the company to determined aims within the frame work of the company culture.  


To establish a long lasting fudiciary realationships in a pleasant work environment where the talents being enhanced, participation and team work being encouraged.  


Zinisan Vakum follows up a delicate and studious engagement procedure to replace the right candidates to right positions. Processes;

  1. Canditates’ CV being evaluated,
  2. If candidate is suitable to the position being asked  to fill up a job application form,
  3. Evaluating of Zinisan job application form,
  4. Making an appointment with the candidate applied for job according to talents and features,
  5. Interview with candidate according to appointment day and hour face to face
  6. Offering employment and making appointment with the director of department where the candidate who compeletes the process successfuly.


 Looking for the answers of questions stipulated below in staffing process:

 a) Has the necessity knowledge and experience for that work?
 b) Compatible to company culture?
 c) Featuring to team work?
 d) Honest?
 e) Has ability to take respobsibility?
 f) Friendly?
 g) Customer focused?
 h) Can get accross with environment and colleagues?

Affirmative answers of the questions listed above are the main criterias for staffing.

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